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The world’s richest man has a very warped view of the USA,  – and of the human race in general.  He believes there are billions too many of us. If you’re thinking that the left-wing multi-billionaire is just diversifying his portfolio – you’re very naïve…

These arrogant bastards can’t keep hackers,  spammers,  and identity thieves off the web,  – but they will now monitor YOUR private communications….

It’s been a ruthless 8-year battle between the so-called Know-it-ALLS of modern education, – and the Citizens who still clung bitterly to their guns and common sense! The evil scheme to dumb down your kids and grand-kids,  – to make them ignorant and subservient slaves to their iPhones – has FAILED!   Thank your local TEA […]

She even went to their Long Beach CLUB to talk to them, – sort of – for $200,000.oo.  But then she must have gotten a text from a Saudi donor, – and she had to leave in a hurry,  – with her check for $200,000.oo…. …which she added to her “World Initiative Fund” – [you […]

Do you even know what your public school union teachers are stealing from your kids’ heritage? The Armenian Genocide began 24 April 1915 – with the arrest and later execution of 250 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders in Constantinople. Soon the Turkish Army would round up as many Armenians as they could

Common Core Revolution

April 19th, 2015

Sometimes a song can do more to win a war than bullets! Well Done Ladies!   Folks, – think a minute, – and see if you can name any famous war songs from American History?

A Poison In Your Schools

October 15th, 2014

Most parents have never heard of Common Core. This is by design. When you do hear about it, it is almost always because other parents – more alert to the embedded poison – have raised Holy HELL in protest, – upset school board meetings, and even filed lawsuits. Look at the poster. Can those gears […]

Oklahoma ends it’s 4-year ‘experiment’ with Bill Gates’ Education Poison – signs bill repealing Oklahoma’s adoption of Common Core. Score one for the KIDS!   This is a gutsy move and involves Mary admitting she was hoodwinked – as one of the initial governors advancing this hogwash. Good for her! If only more political leaders could admit […]

DANGER! Bill Gates Involved!

March 14th, 2014

You just KNOW something stinks!  The $76 Billion Dollar Liberal has never had your best interest at heart!   Thursday night he met with an alleged 80 US Senators [gee,  I wonder what they want?] to ‘solve America’s problems’?  What?  Like the way he built up Microsoft – buying little start-ups with better technology – to […]