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There are two (2) classic ways commies come to POWER;   fool the voters,  – or bloody armed revolution – in unarmed countries. Bill de Blasio has run New York City to the teetering edge of bankruptcy,  – but that hasn’t dampened his Tall Man Syndrome.   He wants to be President,  – so he went sniffing […]

His Communist Majesty de Blasio

January 15th, 2019

Does Bill think he’s Stalin,  Castro,  or King George?

New York City is in the midst of a ~ minor ~ heat wave,  – but even that is causing massive breakdowns with the city’s subway system. This is an every-summer problem – but since taking office in 2014,  Mayor Bill de Blasio has focused his attention on coddling illegals and handcuffing his police force.   […]

Yesterday one of his police officers was assassinated.  Today a Police Academy class of 524 young officers got sworn in,  – each ready to risk their lives to keep the City safe. So was Mayor De Blasio there to make an inspiring speech?  Nah!   He and three aides (but not his wife) were jetting […]

It seems Anthony Weiner is hardly their worst!  Jacob Schwartz – son of a big-time NYC Democrat lawyer – is free on $7,500 bail – “…and is already in therapy”. He works as a $66K/year computer tech for Mayor Bill De Blasio.  Good work NYPD!

NY City Commie-in-Chief Bill De Blasio was ‘campaigning’ for Hillary in Toledo.  He didn’t draw much of a crowd.  He was harping on the standard commie theme of “Make the Rich pay their fair share!” He drew polite smiles from the assembled Komrades…

This One’s On YOU de Blasio

September 17th, 2015

Carey W. Gabay, Esquire is dead.  He lay in a coma – a bullet in his head for 10 days,  – since the West Indian J’Ouvert Festival in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  STOP-&-FRISK ~ might ~ have prevented it. But NY City’s lifelong Communist mayor – Bill de Blasio, – thinks Stop-Question-&-Frisk is a racist tactic,  […]

Because in a port city of 8,400,000 – there was NOBODY ELSE qualified? Ms. Emma Wolfe – pictured above in the grey Hillary man-suit has been a long-time and loyal aide to Bill de Blasio. And Emma has a long-time ‘partner’ – Stephanie Yazgi.

His words set the stupid people in motion. They’ve waited out the winter.  Now they’ll take center stage until the cold weather returns. Tourists will be well-advised to visit somewhere else, – we suggest the Adirondacks or the Grand Canyon. New York’s Finest will be very busy, between crowd control, crime fighting, and anti-terrorism work.

Bill de Blasio’s Busy Monday

January 6th, 2015

First His dis-honor had to stand through a very long and surly press conference [see Update of AGAIN! – below], then within hours two more NYPD cops were shot, – responding to a robbery / burglary in progress in the Bronx. Do you think at some point de Blasio will get tired of these hospital visits […]