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Six (6) Despicable Senate RiNOs

February 9th, 2021

At RRB we can only assume that these six either never intended to honor their OATH to uphold our Constitution, – – or they’ve never even read or studied the document.  Senator Murkowski continues to serve a useful purpose:

Republican Cassidy crushes Louisiana Purchase by 56:44 Landrieu CRUSHED in runoff! Abraham (LA 5th) and Graves (LA 6th) both won their races 2:1 too… A really bad night for Obama!

18 years leading the Beautiful Life in the swirl of Washington DC Cocktail Society,  and now she has no friends left back home in Louisiana. Seems folks remember – bitterly – when she sold them out over ObamaCare – and made a national joke of herself as “The Louisiana Purchase!” The runoff election there is tomorrow – […]

A Republican Grandma explains why ‘Global Warming’ is a HOAX, – why Progressives are using it to control our lives, – as they ruin our economy and our way of life. Lenar Marie Ledet Whitney was elected to the Louisiana House in 2010 – and is an outspoken lifelong Conservative. This video – – under 5 minutes […]

Do those really count as food?  How many calories? Just when you think the abuses of government welfare programs [aka Democrat vote buying] cannot get more outrageous – comes a little shop in Gonzales, Louisiana selling very sexy stuff – to EBT cardholders – no questions asked!