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Trump Rally At Bemidji Airport

September 19th, 2020

Face it,  you’ve probably never heard of Bemidji.  It’s way up North – even north of what Democraps call “flyover country”. But Trump went there Friday night to speak to thousands,  – despite the democrat governor’s 250-person crowd restriction. Excitement was increased as the waiting crowd learned that the Evil Ginsburg had died, – something […]

Like all Democraps – Joe CANNOT treat us all as AMERICANS.  He was in Kissimmee last night – and played a little bit of Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito”. Instead of pandering,  – it might have been better for Joe to explain to his Hispanic/Latino audience how his plan of opening the border to unlimited immigration will […]

Watch this clip – then watch it again.   Biden is reading a script off his teleprompter.  He’s practiced it – puts emotion (anger) in it,  – yet the blowhard clearly cannot connect the dots between the Wuhan Coronavirus and the nationwide shutdown. Nor does he seem to understand how many governors (like Gretchen Whitmer & […]

Caution:  icky, sleazy, disgusting video: 

AMAZING!  We all thought our National Village Idiot had long-since forgotten studying our Constitution back in Law School…  Suddenly he’s had a flashback? The issue is how quickly this wannabe changes his positions,  – first shooting from the hip,  then a month later acting far more restrained.  Contrasting videos:

There were more Secret Service guys than voters…. He’s so relaxed and laid back….   Does he have a secret strategy to win, – that doesn’t involve massive voter fraud?

What is it inside Joe’s head that makes him constantly twist and warp even innocent and unimportant issues?  He is talking with a friendly audience that invited him into their church, – so why does he patronize them with this twisted history? All great lies are built around a grain of truth.  Lewis Howard Latimer […]

As a public service he’s rounding up all the turds that float. Perhaps the most irrelevant and most sour grapes ex-US Senator in modern history has found a new way to embarrass those Arizona voters who once trusted him.  Just re-enroll as a Democrat-Socialist Jeff,  – and enjoy your new friends.

Boston’s own Communist Congresswoman comes on FULL-THROTTLE with a racist rant about having voters generate “Unrest in the streets”! With riots,  mayhem,  and burning going on in over a dozen US cities right now,  – her choice of words is troubling,  but hardly accidental.  At issue is mass mail-in voting and ballot harvesting, – the […]

Does he research and write his own material,…or was this too ‘off the cuff’? We suspect that Slow Joe was trying to impress the BIG $$$ DEMOCRAT DONORS with his grasp of ancient wisdom and 21st Century Global Economics.   But he quotes the Communist dictator who murdered over 60,000,000 people,  – mostly by deliberately starving […]