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If only incompetence was the sole problem with this Chinese sock puppet…

Not Our Fault! TOTALLY Our Fault!

September 19th, 2021

Biden has ALREADY – in just 243 days, – done more damage to our economy,  our Nation,  – to the entire Western World, – – than LBJ, Carter, Clinton, and Obama – COMBINED! We knew his ENTIRE SORDID LIFE STORY!   How could we?

He was a very early supporter of Obama (did he instinctively know that Obama was also gay?),  – spent 4 years hating Trump, –  and is now in love with China Joe. He has just authored an obnoxious – but revealing – Tweet:

This man has never read our Constitution – or even understood a single sentence of it…   Right now he wants to distract you from Afghanistan and China, – by creating a domestic legal crisis. He announced Executive Orders (totally ILLEGAL) to require ALL government employees, contractors, and private employers with over 100 employees to mandate […]

Sad.  The Census Bureau says we have 331,449,281 people in the USA.   Biden just said – after checking his notes,  – that 350 million have received shots.  Did he get the number of Americans wrong,  – or the number of shots? Democraps stole the 2020 election to put this dementia patient in charge of our […]

China’s investment in the Biden family is paying off handsomely!  Nearly 20 years of blood,  sweat,  tears,  and American valor squandered because Biden’s handlers can’t figure out a way to win,  – or even a graceful and dignified way out.  So they send the dementia patient out to announce another American cut & run – […]

….in a single chance photograph…  The American left-wing media may be playing up Biden’s attendance at the G-7 and today’s meeting (“showdown”) with Putin in Geneva,  – but the look this morning on Vladimir’s face tells the whole story. The only person who thinks this is a meeting of any consequence – is our Village […]

How soon will the Church move to canonize the lifetime drug addict arrested for passing counterfeit $20.oo bills? What did George Floyd learn about Citizenship and the Law,  – during those 8 years when Obama was President? What life lessons did he teach his daughter?

He’s got a sure-cure for problems we don’t really have,  – and he claims that only the rich will have to pay for your bottle.

They are elitists, – disdaining patriotism and our American Heritage for their “enlightened global view”. Fools and traitors,  Carter,  Clinton,  Obama,  and their treasonous cohorts have for nearly fifty years been selling out their country,  their people,  – even their own grandchildren’s future for a globalist racist communist utopia.