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They’d bragged about a ‘SOLD OUT’ venue of 3,500;   but news reports suggest they barely drew 1,600. Maybe MassHole DummyCrats have grown weary of the Cherokee Squaw’s funny jackets – collar up – sleeves turned up – ranting about “the Middle Class is getting hammered”.  Has their Socialist envy act worn thin?

He stormed onto the World Stage as a “Liberating Freedom Fighter”,  – then he told us he was really a Communist,  – and very anti-American….(because he needed a bogyman to blame). His last ride out of Havana was emblematic of the failures of his ruthless tyrannical attempts to improve the lives of the Cuban people.

If New Hampshire is supposed to be a bell-weather state;  yesterday’s meager turnout for Hillary was bad news. Even sell-out Bernie couldn’t drag them out from under their rocks. Durham is home to UNH – a fairly liberal campus.  She ~ should ~ have drawn thousands;…but barely drew 300….Oops!

Damn!  You don’t think,…that the Old Commie…sold out…? Think of all those Bernie Babes and their $27.oo donations….

Aaron Dykes and Melissa Dykes explain how the DNC was rigged all along,  – and how Bernie was part of the plot…. As old-timers who can read the signs along the trail,   we at RRB were warning you all year.   But the Bernie Babes didn’t listen, and  got really burned! 8 min video below the […]

Millions of young voters across the land are waking up to a world without Bernie.  They are grieving, stunned, and shell-shocked.   Quick!  Where are the safe spaces and the grief counselors? Dear Millennials,  allow an old man a few words….

There were sections of conspicuously empty seats – the Clintonistas had already left the arena for the evening, – leaving Bernie’s devout followers to stand, cry and cheer their aging wizard. And he promptly sold them out – as if there were guns aimed at his head.  He sure wasn’t pulling a Ted Cruz!

Brief video below the fold:

They dump the ugly shrew and promote a trusted house servant to fill in – however briefly. They JUST want a female face – so even an ignorant one will do.