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Bernie is 78 years old,   and he’s just learning about Politics.

From his living room in Vermont – decorated like an office in the Lubyanka Prison,  – Bernie the Buzzard suspends his White House quest…. In his communist mind – the Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic is ‘PROOF’ that America needs a single-payer government-controlled health-care system. VIDEO:

Republicans were charitable; – they called the provision “…a drafting error”,  – politely ignoring the House Democrats despicable efforts to load both Pelosi’s Christmas Tree and her Easter Basket onto the Coronavirus Relief Bill. The “error” would pay unemployed people $600.oo / week OVER their unemployment benefits.  Sanders likes that,  he’s demanding it be kept […]

It was more like an argument between two aging fools than a real political debate, – and it was hard to listen to.  CNN couldn’t find enough sponsors,  – so in the allotted commercial time slots they ran a frying pan ad,  – and their own international weather report. Biden promised a woman VP;  Sanders […]

It’s the political party built to preserve slavery,  grown after our Civil War on an unreasoned fear of freed slaves and factory owners.  Democrats always use fear to garner votes. Now,  captives of their own fears about Bernie,  – they’re reluctantly propelling an obviously dementia addled old man as their 2020 nominee.  It’s too late […]

Washington is still too close to call,  but 4 of the 5 other states have made a clear statement,  – they prefer the crook they know to the commie they don’t. Dems seem resigned to go with the coin-operated dementia-riddled corruptocrat over the lifelong commie…. UPDATE:  11 pm Wed night:  Biden now leads Bernie in […]

Think back to how Harry Truman and LBJ became President,  – and why Obama picked our National Village Idiot….as his horse-holder.

Six (6) states hold Democrat Primaries Tuesday,  and for Democrats going to the polls, – their choices are Cognitive Decline, – or raw Communism. How did the Party of Harry Truman and JFK sink this far?

South Carolina just proved that the Old Commie has no Southern Strategy, – and even turns off key voter blocks in the New South.  Trusty Plantation Overseer – 79 year old James Clyburn faithfully delivered the Black Vote for his old master – Creepy Joe,  – but those voters were resigned, coerced, and unenthusiastic. With […]