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It is a strange case of a young Black man – with an unfortunate history of tweeting his various hatreds. He wants to be in politics, – and got hired by the Communist candidate Bernie Sanders… It didn’t last long….yet another setback for Sanders.

A fanatical anti-American Muslim immigrant endorses a lifelong Communist,  – and the crowd of young people cheer…? Union school teachers (soviet agents) have nearly succeeded in destroying the fabric of God, Family, and Country that created our Republic.   Our pampered children have turned against our country.

The Kool-Aid drinkers came out in FORCE Saturday – to listen to their new leaders…telling them that they can simply VOTE to eat the rich… AOC was there, and you could almost see the smiling face of Norman Mattoon Thomas in the crowd….

Wouldn’t you love to be recording their phone calls now…?  

The 78-year old commie lied about his health,  so his heart ratted him out!

Bernie was in Louisville, KY when he decided to show folks how tough he is.  Want a rematch Bernie – you 77-year old FOOL?

With all the left-wing nut-jobs in the race already,  it would seem that Bernie is becoming a tad unbalanced,  as he flaps his arms ever more vigorously… Certainly this was a puke-worthy headline on the Herald this morning. 2-min video:

May a Merciful God and an Informed Electorate spare our Republic from these arrogant fools…

I smell the long arm of the Clintons,  – enacting revenge for 2016, as three top democrat consultants who worked for Bernie in 2016 suddenly depart his 2020 Campaign. Only three possible reasons:  not promised enough $$$,  don’t think he can win,  – or bribed away….  Take your pick!