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So far no re-run of Chicago 2008.   The real rioting is in Seattle and Portland,  – the real killing in Chicago,  Cincinnati,  and NYC. Eight lonely Bernie Babes protesting at an empty convention hall is hardly newsworthy.

Tell ’em how well it’s working out in Venezuela – one of the richest nations in the world,  – in terms of natural resources, energy, and food. While much of the media these past seven months has focused on President Trump,  – on Russian collaboration (they still can’t find any), and on a possible comeback […]

Damn!  You don’t think,…that the Old Commie…sold out…? Think of all those Bernie Babes and their $27.oo donations….

If you’ve been watching some networks, you missed the walkout after Tuesday nite’s vote.  There are rumors that the Dems paid folks to fill in those empty seats last night…. Just another bad news story they don’t want told:

Saving Bernie Babes from mass hysteria and nervous breakdowns in advance of Hillary’s coronation. Funny how life works,  – Democrats have brain-dead millennials distracted by chasing imaginary creatures – just as ObamaCare runs out of money to care for them. Is there an Islamic version for ISIS – where they can chase their 72 virgins?