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Patrick’s brother-in-law – the guy he twisted arms for to keep OFF the sex offender registry – has raped again! Sigh is charged with assault to rape and assault & battery on a household/family member.  The documents said the assault occurred on Dec. 9.

Nothing like a sex-offender story to taint Deval’s presidential ambitions, – (as if America is really awaiting another über-liberal Black Harvard pro-illegal immigrant anti-gun Progressive Democratic candidate…?) Once upon a time [the 2006 Patrick v Muffy campaign] this story got dismissed as being just more Republicans accusing Democrats of being “soft on crime”.

Shakeup at the Sex Offender Registry!! Chairwoman Saundra Edwards is OUT! Executive Director Jeanne L. Holmes placed on leave [and the web scrubbed of her pictures?]. Edwards will be replaced by acting director Anne Connors from the Mass Dept of Early Education [a lot she knows about sex offenders…?], and Holmes will be replaced by […]