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Benjamin Netanyahu Warns Iran

February 18th, 2018

Bibi is a profile in courage as he is under attack at home (police are trying to pin a corruption charge on him) – but at the Munich Security Conference he stood strong and resolute.   Israelis should be very proud of him. Mr. Zarif: do you recognize this?  You should.  It’s yours.  Bibi’s 14-min speech […]

Can’t imagine who is more unhappy – ISIS or Obama…

America,  we desperately need a president who will talk to us directly and simply,  – and not camouflage the truth in left-wing ‘politically correct’ double-talk.  We need a president willing to FACE evil. Meanwhile Americans,  and you Canadians too,  – as each day under Obama passes,  we are more at risk – even here, – […]

Bill’s video below the fold – very well done! Enjoy!

Nancy Pelosi cried, – 56 boycotted, – and administration Democrats are pissing all over themselves after Bibi’s speech. Too bad they don’t care as much about defending us from evil…

A Patriot just addressed a Joint Session of Congress, – and explained in crystal-clear terms why the deal Kerry is negotiating with Iran on behalf of Obama is bad, – bad for everybody. Full 45 minute video below the fold.

If she expects to lead our Country, – can she lead 30 Jew-hating boycotters back into the House Chamber Tuesday? For two years she’s been sitting on the sidelines – giving very expensive speeches, – gathering money from both American and foreign donors, – and planning her Presidential Campaign. Now the anti-Israel walkout by 30 […]

Our Chickenshit pResident

October 29th, 2014

Obama and his staffers exposed for calling a true national war hero “Chickenshit”.  Hey Obama – show us your war wounds…. Americans mostly don’t know that Bebe’s brother “Yoni” was killed commanding the rescue of Air France Flight 139 from Palestinian terrorists at Entebbe Airport, Uganda. If Obama ever had a real brother – his […]

It took 18 long days to find their bodies. It took overnight to react! Bibi gives Obama yet another lesson in LEADERSHIP; – orders a series of dawn attacks on Hamas targets in Gaza and the West Bank, – just hours after the bodies of three murdered teenagers are found. Wasted NO TIME in building […]

After five years of lies and betrayals,  – what can Benjamin possibly believe?