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…because after all,  – it’s a Woman’s Turn!

The contrast is noteworthy: Democrat insiders are stressed,  RiNOs are DELIGHTED! It means tons more money about to be poured into brutal TV advertising.

By March 27th,  her bones should be aching from all those airplane steps,  – as she tries to visit the seventeen states holing either Democrat Primaries or Presidential Caucuses this month.  Kansas, Louisiana and Nebraska today,…Maine tomorrow,…Michigan and Mississippi Tuesday.

The elitist smarter-than-you fool, – who surrendered the GOP’s 2012 campaign to CNN’s Candy Crowley, – will address the nation Thursday night – in a bid to “Stop Trump”… …the GOP Establishment RiNOs have promised him that if he succeeds,  they’ll let him sneak in the back door in Cleveland,  during a brokered convention….and run […]

Bernie has won three (3) states….. Ya’think that by tonight Bernie has begun to wish he’d talked about “those damned emails”…?

She keeps talking about equal pay and “First Woman President”, – and her ‘experience’….and they’re lapping it up….

Will the lifelong liar be able to smile all day – while looking over her shoulder for those FBI guys….bringing her some new jewelry? Even if the FBI doesn’t show up,…will her mindless MoonBats turn out tonight?   If she doesn’t come away Tuesday morning with a crushing win over lifetime Socialist Bernie Sanders,…it means […]

There isn’t a patriot I know who doesn’t relish the image of Hillary Clinton in handcuffs – going into a courtroom on trial for murder and/or treason. But even with rock-solid evidence – and willing eye-witnesses,  – can Hillary actually be brought before the Bar of Justice and made to pay for her sins and […]

…no, not really,….just the worst of their crap…. If you’re young, – this should be an eye-opener…. If you’re a Hillary supporter, this is why we find her – AND YOU – disgusting!

I wonder if she can get through the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary without telling any more lies….