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For eight years we’ve watched,  cringed,  and endured the results of an AA/EEO election,  and we’ve smoldered at the destruction wrought by an incompetent racist aided and abetted by liberals inflicted by white guilt. Obama has announced he’s not leaving quietly or gracefully;….will we soon be hearing demands for another national holiday…?

“Professional Ethics be DAMNED!”  Looks like Eric Holder wants President Hillary to appoint him to the Supreme Court. He hosting a 90-minute NY City fundraiser “Lawyers for Hillary” on Tuesday, May 31st….despite an ongoing FBI investigation…

Blood dripping from her hands,   – dried blood on her shoes,  – a trail of dead bodies covered with lies,…and still all Democrats can say is “It’s time for a WOMAN!”

Democrats and the Clintons need to understand that while some [stupid] voters will overlook or ignore Monica Lewinsky, – Hillary’s complicity in the Benghazi Massacre, – and her lifetime of lying to cover up Bill’s sexscapades and a series of murders,  that Benghazi  – will continue to haunt them….forever! EVEN IF…[God forbid!] she becomes President,…Benghazi isn’t going […]

What a headline to see on Christmas Eve….it might curdle Hillary’s porridge… I found some appropriate Christmas Music for Mrs. Clinton….

How sad when a former hero [heroine?] sells out the Truth for political gain. I expected the worst from the DummyCRAPS on the committee,  – but I was clinging to a shred of hope that the one combat veteran would rise above it.   Alas, – she proved to be just another Illinois vote-grubbing Kleptocrat….

The left – led by MSNBC – is frothing at this 30 second ad – which they’re calling ‘odious‘. I’d say it was ‘odious‘ to be smuggling weapons out of Libya without congressional approval, – from a lightly secured complex, – then  ‘odious‘ to blame ‘a vile anti-Muslim video’ when the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood raid your […]

How many times did she tell us she cleared her private email server of everything governmental,  and everything classified…?  Remember how indignant she was about it? Now the FBI finds two emails – classified ABOVE Top Secret? QUESTION: Could Hillary ever tell us the TRUTH – even if she wanted to?