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The Guards Didn’t Shoot?

December 11th, 2012

Ambassador Stevens died; – this story won’t! Kerry Picket reports that the members of the Senate Intelligence Committee – headed by California liberal Diane Feinstein – heard testimony that the guards were initially unarmed, that two had to go to another building for their weapons, – and that possibly they were under orders not to shoot. […]

Examining the lives of failed kings and dictators – history usually reveals a single event or tipping point. Has Obama reached his?

Slowly their web of lies comes unraveled! State Dept spokesliar Victoria Nuland has been caught in a lie.  First the story was that there was NO SECURITY at our Benghazi consulate.  Then the story was that there was. Yesterday she had to admit that our Hillary Clinton STATE DEPARTMENT had OUTSOURCED security to a British firm – […]