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Will The Trump-Haters Back Off?

September 2nd, 2017

Donald – with Melania at his side is doing EXACTLY what we expect a good president to do,  – show up, show concern, show empathy, show leadership, and quietly make sure the relief effort moves rapidly forward. So as a trollish-looking Vogue writer Lynn Yaeger comments on Melania’s shoes,  – we ask:  will the Trump-hating […]

Panic In The GOP? Oh Goodie!

November 13th, 2015

This morning’s headline brought pure joy to my heart,…after what seems like an eternity of living with spineless pussy-footing RiNO traitors and sell-outs. “The Establishment” in panic?   About frickin’ time!

Aren’t you thrilled that America’s News Media had finally taken off the gloves and started some REAL investigative journalism…? UPDATE:   OMG! Can you believe… Politico LIED?

Before an essentially skeptical and hostile audience, the Doctor was even-toned, humorous, and he even drew applause. On government welfare programs “…we’re driving ourselves into debt without solving the problems”. Ben manages to scold the Press in a way that actually made them applaud his words.

Ben Carson Kicks Off CPAC-2015

February 26th, 2015

His 12-minute speech was polite but pithy. He eviscerated Obama. Then there came a Q & A session.  See video: