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CAUTION:  VERY GRAPHIC IMAGES!!   These are just some of the reasons why Trump is right about a moratorium on Muslim immigration from the Middle East. Can YOU pick out the guilty beheaders?   Would you recognize them in a refugee camp of 3,000 men?

Our Pussy-in-Chief Wants WHAT?!?  Mister Obama: Just how many beheadings do you consider ‘manageable’? The man who thought he could bring World Peace by the sheer force of his superior intellect cannot make it through a single press conference without stumbling over his words. First he wants to ‘degrade and destroy‘, – but then he […]

I guess flying Air Force One to-and-from fundraisers can be exhausting…? Once again this summer – I find myself rooting for the Great White…

7½ minutes of comedy you can forward to even the most ardent Obama supporters. Now for the un-funny part…

Why Immigration Matters

June 30th, 2012

Your drug habit: some collateral damage. A video has surfaced – beyond gruesome – of goons from the Gulf Cartel questioning five captured members of Los Zetas. Each man confesses to having been sent by ‘Z-40’ – the Zeta cartel’s deputy commander, Miguel Angel Treviño Morales. Then – on the video – each man has […]