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UPDATE:   Friday, 17 July 2020   Killer CAUGHT!

Your recreational drug use comes with a horrific price tag. Victor Fernando Alvarez Chavez was kidnapped on April 1st – his body (parts) discovered on Ash Wednesday,  – and it took DNA to prove it was him.

Susana was beheaded (likely raped first) because her husband couldn’t raise the $207,000 ransom her cartel kidnappers demanded. By dumping her body with a taunting note,  the kidnappers figure the next family WILL PAY.   This is the EVIL Trump wants to keep OUT of our country!  Democrats don’t seem to give a damn….

Evil lurks in Lawrence Mass!   I’m fairly certain both city and state government will attempt to muffle and gloss over the details.  One 16-year old boy will be in court Monday to be arraigned for First Degree Murder,  – and maybe torture. Per the authorities the victim was beheaded,  his lower arms cut off,  – […]

They wanted $200,000,000.oo for him, ~ maybe.  Or maybe they were just toying with the Japanese government, – and King Abdullah of Jordan. Of course pResident Obama still won’t call them Islamic Terrorists…  If Carter is remembered for the Iran Hostage Crisis, and Bill Clinton for the Rwanda Genocide,  – then Obama will go down […]

Jihad John Demands $200 Million

January 20th, 2015

All about Islam;  or all about the MONEY?  The British ISIS terrorist known as Jihad John is demanding $200 Million for two Japanese hostages, and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is promising to pay. I’m guessing Hussein Obama won’t have much to say about this during his SotU address tonight. But there is still more bad […]

…yet another American.  Aid worker and EMT Peter Kassig – who converted to Islam and changed his name to Abdul-Rahman Kassig. Can’t wait for our streets to fill with “Peaceful Muslims” angerly protesting this murder.  Photo of Peter in his Army days….

And Then,…There Were THREE…

September 13th, 2014

ISIS beheads British Aide Worker David Haines… Video below the fold:

RIP: Steven Sotloff

September 2nd, 2014

It has happened again!   ISIS made another video of their goon beheading a helpless American journalist. I’m sure Obama will come up with a ‘strategy’ – just as soon as Eric Holder can round up a cadre of criminal defense lawyers to defend these ‘alleged killers’. Hey Liberals, – do you understand the agenda yet?   […]

Journalist, Activist, Spy, or Sucker? We’ll likely never know Foley’s complete story, – but the parts we do know leave little cause for sympathy. Foley claimed to be a journalist – went to Libya in 2011 to cover the anti-Qaddafi revolution there , – and got himself captured by Qaddafi’s men, – and jailed for […]