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Britain and France joining us in striking key Syrian targets associated with their gas attacks. Just an educated guess by an old soldier,  – but I’m wagering that some of the thuds are going to rattle Assad and his evil wife.  Video below the fold

In one thundering move Trump proves he is not that brash-talking do-nothing Muslim pussy the world got used to over these past 8 years. Trump drew a bulls-eye on Obama’s red line – and bombed it! 

This will make Cinderella and Snow White feel really good… UN Security Council [what a cruel oxymoron] votes to strip Syria of it’s chemical weapons.  WoW!  Problem SOLVED!  Right..?  How come they didn’t do it 20 years ago with Iraq? I’m sure that Bashar al Assad is quaking in his Florsheims.

Who Is The COWBOY Now?

August 30th, 2013

2½ years ago she called Assad ‘a reformer‘!   Ms Know-It-All wanted to be seen as smarter than any other presidential contender. Remember her stupid, ill-informed remarks when 2016 rolls around. The Lady MoonBats will once again be calling her ‘the smartest woman in the world’.  Yeah, right. Benghazi isn’t the only thing she’s screwed up […]

Bush DIDN’T lie!! Saddam’s chemical weaponry was scooted across the border to fellow Ba’athist in Syria.  Now the Syrians are about to use it. Sarin is a nerve gas, first formulated in 1938 Nazi Germany, the Germans didn’t use it.  The technology fell into Soviet and US hands.  We burned the last of ours years ago, […]

Never underestimate the ruthlessness of third world thugs.  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is sending troops and pilots to aid Gaddafi.  Why?  To give them combat experience?  To aid a buddy dictator?  For cash?  The dead pilot in this video is proof of the deed.  Only the motives of this former eye doctor remain unclear.  See […]