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Founded in 1857 (163 years ago) McClatchy Newspapers laid off 4% of their staff a year ago. Now, they’re filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Part of it is the Internet/Smart-Phone Age,  – people are getting their news delivered electronically, – and choosing from hundreds of sources;  – and part of it is a constant stream of […]

Hartford CT Is Totally Phooked!

September 7th, 2017

Cut spending?   Are you kidding?   They’ll RAISE TAXES!

Obama’s signature Ponzi Scheme is BLEEDING DOLLARS,  and one of the biggest providers is bailing. UnitedHealthcare [yes, spelled that way] currently serves 795,000 people – but expects to lose 18% of them by the end of 2016. So they’ll stay – for now – in Nevada and Virginia,  but plan to bail from Arkansas,  Georgia,  […]

Greece: Drowning In Debt!

June 29th, 2015

The next time you hear glib-talking Obama lie to you about our National Debt,  think carefully how Greece allowed itself to slip into bankruptcy. There is almost no manufacturing industry in Greece.   When was the last time you bought anything that was stamped “Made in Greece”?   For 60+ years the Greek economy has relied on […]

Hey Democrats – he’s out in the open now – deliberately bankrupting our country!      Was this the CHANGE you voted for? We have to ask,…just how much does he hate America?  And WHY? 101,000,000 Americans getting Federal food assistance makes Obama the Food Stamp President!