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Joe the Plumber: Dead in 2012

October 26th, 2012

The amazing story of how Obama’s economic policies destroyed an American business.  Maybe that’s what PresO wanted.  After all, he helped build that… he could destroy a political enemy too.  rr  

A123 Belly UP – Just In Time

October 16th, 2012

Just in Time – for tonight’s Debate! Waltham, MA battery-maker A123 goes belly-up– files for Chapter 11 protection. There’s no market for their electric car batteries. Once again the Obama cartel was trying to pick winners.  $250 Million federal + $5 Million from Massachusetts – bye-bye!

May 2010 : $535 Million stimulus Solyndra bites the dust!   $535 Million US Green-Jobs Stimulus $$$ somewhere on it’s corpse. Obama flew Air Force One to Freemont, Calif in May 2010. Big plant visit and photo-op.    Today?   Chapter 11.  1,100 to be LAID OFF! If there is ~ any ~ justice, Oklahoma […]

In both 2008 and 2010 our ‘very own JamieBoy’ was bragging throughout his campaign about how HE brought Evergreen Solar and 800 jobs to Devens.  He was quick to explain how the state had ‘invested’ $58 million taxpayer dollars in this cutting-edge green technology. Earlier this year Evergreen laid off those 800 – and moved […]

Obama’s Premonition?

July 7th, 2009

In addition to his World Socialist Vision, does Obama have a Dark Premonition?  Hello Americans, thanks for clicking in today!  LEGAL CAVEAT HERE:  In this or any other writing I am in NO WAY advocating any sort of violence toward our 44th pResident.  That would be illegal, and I know it.  I don’t want any […]