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A short life utterly wasted in testament to Obama! Curtis Deal was already arrested 3 times in 2017,  – gun and drug charges.  He was a ‘person of interest’ in a homicide last year. In the officer’s body-cam video the running suspect can be seen raising his stolen 9mm pistol at the officer, – his […]

OK Marylanders,  – how many of you even knew you have a State Song? Your 75-year old left-wing gadfly State Senator Ron Young [who dodged the draft and the Vietnam War] is on a crusade to change the words of your 105 year old State Song – the one you’ve never heard,  much less sung. […]

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake delayed a long long time before asking Governor Hogan for help with her race riot,  even as looting and burning was spreading. Seems she hadn’t thought about a curfew until reporters asked her… Another case of voters electing a person they ‘identify with’ – instead of someone able to handle the worst of […]

If Eddie Gray was a victim of police racism – that fact will be lost in the mayhem which has followed.  WHERE is the calming voice of Obama? He lives just 41 miles away! The city of 622,000 is 64% Black,  and when these riots are finally over,  more white families will depart.  Mayor Rawlings-Blake […]