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It seems like just last year that CNN was interviewing Michael Avenatti nearly every afternoon and evening.  We were ~ told ~ that he ‘had the goods’ on Donald Trump. Now Avenatti is in big trouble for trying to shake down sneaker company Nike,  – he owes years of back taxes,  – owes tons of […]

Al Sharpton emerges as Capo-di-tutti-Capi of the “Racial Forgiveness and Atonement” racket. Jesse Jackson is going to be REALLY PISSED, – that used to be HIS rice bowl. Sharpton makes a ‘deal’ with Sony Pictures executive Amy Pascal [she of the racist Obama emails] – giving him a say-so on how movies are made.  There […]

A sad little story of unintended consequences… When Progressive Democrat Randy Voller is around – he’s hard to miss! He’s invested years building his political résumé, – sat on dozens of boards and committees, – attended hundreds of meetings, – eaten lots of rubber chicken dinners.  He’s been Mayor of Pittsboro, NC since 2005, where […]