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Baby Butchers Endorse Hillary

January 11th, 2016

Hillary was eager to promise them ‘no interference’ in their government-funded baby-killing blood money…. …how many babies were murdered to pay for this rally in Hooksett, NH? Cecile Richards – President of Planned Parenthood [now under FBI investigation for selling body parts] – told the crowd that Republicans are ‘extreme’ for wanting to save babies.

Injunction LIFTED!  California Superior Court Judge Joanne O’Donnell stops blocking CMP’s release of videos exposing the sale of baby parts between Planned Parenthood and StemExpress. Within hours CMP released this 2-minute teaser exposing the sale of whole intact babies.  If this is the teaser [below the fold] the full video should be stomach-turning.

Your Tax Dollars at work, every day in America!  And NO, – it’s NOT for ‘women’s health’!! CAUTION:  GRAPHIC and CHILLING video below the fold:

Planned Parenthood claims they are all about “Women’s Health”,  but they’re really all about profit!   Blood money that is! Just last week Cecile Richards said that Planned Parenthood was being harassed by right-wing video-makers,  and that remarks captured on video were being taken ‘out of context‘… Make sure your hands and mouth are empty, – […]

CAUTION:  Grossly DISTURBING video below the fold!! BACKGROUND:  For decades abortion foes have warned Americans about abortion clinics selling baby organs.  And the LEFT has always mocked and pooh-poohed these stories as right-wing extremist hyperbole.  So now,  thanks to small cameras – you get the ugly truth.