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In the normal course of life,  Biden would barely notice Becerra,  – and as a racist himself would not be seen hanging with him.  So why pick him to replace the popular Alex Azar?

There is a war shaping up in California,…and the good guys are likely to lose.  Decades of ignoring and flaunting immigration law has produced a Hispanic majority.  Hispanics / Latinos now are 39% of California’s 39 million people,  1/3 are here illegally.  California’s Senate President Kevin de León wants to take it a step further, […]

He’s playing you; – he’s not your amigo! You dream of legal status, then citizenship. We understand, we even sympathize to a degree,…when we get past that illegal entry thing. But Obama doesn’t ‘sympathize’. He sees you as convenient tools to continue his campaign of divide and subjugate. Dictators have done it for millennia.