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These same ‘trading partners’ won’t pay their share of the NATO defense… In which two nations are Jews suddenly being attacked on the streets again…?  Smell the evil…? 

Kerry sells out for a Peace Prize;  – Obama because he HATES Israel and America. The obvious TREASON in this deal stinks like an open sewer. OK Dhimmicrats; – you voted for ‘CHANGE’,  – and Obama has taken an Iran contained and controlled, – and turned them loose to build EMP Atomic Bombs – to […]

No wonder Obama is in a hurry for a “Nuclear Treaty” with Iran, – his partner-in-treason may be dying; – is rumored to be already dead… Imagine the satisfied feeling this 75-yr old Shia fanatic must be feeling – laying on his death bed, – knowing that he’s managed to take full advantage of the […]