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Did Biden send her on a Mission, – or to get her the hell out of the WH for a few days…?

And Now – Jihad In Australia

September 18th, 2014

Police in Sidney Australia arrested some 15 ISIS wannabes and agents – who were well into their planning for some public beheadings – like that of Drummer Rigby in London last November. Muslims have been moving to Australia for 40+ years, and have been acting increasingly obnoxious. Now authorities estimate that some 500 of them […]

I don’t give a f**k if some of you call me old-fashioned or even sexist, this is just wrong! Air Force LtGen Robinson is yet another in a series of under-qualified / unqualified and inexperienced women Obama is putting in charge of America’s defenses. He is certainly delivering on promises made to his liberal supporters […]