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Charlie Faker is courting a National Audience for 2020, – likely wants to team up with any anti-Trumper who’ll take him on…. Today he was testifying in DC before one of the Democrat’s (read Progressive / Communist) most strident members about how the CLIMATE is destroying Massachusetts. Your Tax $$ building HIS left-wing résumé….   video:

The self-funded non-politician doesn’t need to curry favor or walk the media tightropes, catering to their agenda issues. It has them baffled, befuddled and pissed. Together with the Dems and RiNOs, – they’re out to ‘get him’ – at all costs!

The illegal immigration battle shifts to Georgia. Mexicans and Latinos are mounting fierce opposition to the State’s new law – HB-87. Governor Nathan Deal signed it into law just a week ago in the face of court challenges, street protests, and boycotts. It takes effect on July 1st. The law is straightforward and tough. Like […]

For a long time it was considered a low down Republican racist slur to call Democrats or “Progressives” socialists.  Even RiNOs dismissed it as ‘name calling’, – a tactic unworthy of well-bred gentlemen.  Watch this video and see if it’s name calling – or FACT!