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Nothing is so obvious as a rigged convention and a rigged vote!  Mark Fisher’s lawsuit will cause MassGOP officials to tell their dirty secrets – or lie under oath. This circus paves smooth Martha Coakley’s road to the Corner Office, – because as bad as she is – voters expect their Democrats to be corrupt.  Read […]

If you’re new to Massachusetts politics,  here’s a classic example why the ‘Establishment GOP’ gets zero respect from Conservatives. Note how totally bored he appears; – he already knows the outcome of the voting.

The Mouseketeer, [aka MassGOP Chair Kirsten Hughes] has held the reigns of ‘power’ for over 13 months now. She’s overseen a fake republican – ‘Navy SEAL’ – lose to Ed Markey. She’s just disavowed the pro-Life and pro-Marriage planks of her own party. And,…she seems not to have noticed that the Mid-Term Elections are just […]

Folks, I cringe to write this report.  It was a shamefully ugly night. A group of mostly conservative new State Committee critters had filed a petition for a Special Meeting – not unlike a special town meeting. The issue was to examine certain irregularities which occurred during the vote for our new MassGOP Party Chair […]

Yet another tawdry chapter on the road to Mitt’s coronation in Tampa. I knew it would be ugly when I saw two cops riding herd on the ‘mob’. Tonight the ‘Allocation Committee’ of the MassGOP met in Marlborough under the ‘leadership’ of Ed McGrath.  To ensure Mitt’s wishes were adhered to, supervision was provided by Vice […]