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SCORE: 15 Dead Russian Airmen

September 18th, 2018

Putin gives his most advanced anti-aircraft radars and missiles to Assad,  – and a Syrian missile crew shoots down a Russian surveillance plane – killing all 15 aboard.  Trigger-happy,  – or too much technology for third world goons? It’s a hell of a way to market the S-400 System.  Of course the Russians are blaming […]

With a multi-sided ‘civil war’ raging and atrocities committed by all sides,  – it’s hard to see any good outcomes.  For sure Obama couldn’t find a cure during his 8 years,  – but neither did Bush. Last night’s allied airstrike against “Chemical Targets” was justified,  – if even just to send the clear message that […]

Once again a DemocRat President will use a war to distract the American People from his disastrous economic and foreign policy failures. BY LAW – ONLY Congress can declare a war. [Article I, Section 8, Para 11]. Now Obama’s empty-headed blustering about red lines and his ignorance of history and world affairs has backed him into […]

The fighting in Syria goes on.  For the moment it looks like the anti-Assad forces are winning, – and disposing of Assad loyalists – in the time-honored Middle-East way.  Saddam used these techniques on political enemies.  WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES: