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Joe made himself so unpopular with fellow Democrats that in 2016 they provided his Senate Primary opponent Katie McGinty $1,500,000. He brags about being “Admiral Joe”,  – but doesn’t explain how in 2005 CNO Mike Mullen abruptly ended his career.  Maybe it was because he publicly advocated cutting the Navy by 115 ships…? And then […]

It took that miserable Obama pimp Mitch Steward from Organizing for America less than 90 minutes to have his chortling e-mail announcement [complete with an e-mail TY for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, . . .and all those in Congress who stood with us] in my inbox!

Clinton’s Sestak Tangle

May 30th, 2010

Another Democratic President – Another Web Of Lies And Bill Clinton becomes a Chicago Bagman!

G’Bye Traitor:  379,755 to 339,898. Y’see, it wasn’t all about you after all. Hey, if you’re feeling rejected,  just think how your voters felt back when you switched parties – “to preserve your career“.