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What makes you think you’re somehow ‘entitled’ to either ‘good government’ or an honorable patriotic president? Other than pay taxes, – what have you contributed?

For most of my adult life I’ve watched the struggle of lesbians and gays for acceptance – in the community, – in the workplace, – in the military, – in the media….  Sometimes they made common sense,….sometimes they were obscene and grotesque,….trying to attract attention with the worst costumes and behavior. Always they sided with […]

Hillary Clinton & Al Capone

August 17th, 2015

Al was Chicago’s biggest gangster ever – a man who murdered dozens, – including the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre… Hillary is America’s biggest liar ever – with a trail of over 40 dead bodies behind her – including Vince Foster and the Benghazi Massacre. Al Capone went to prison for Tax Evasion.  Hillary may yet […]

Real voters are so earthy, – so unlike her rich high society sycophants – those ‘Beautiful People’ willing to write big checks for a handshake and a photo.   Thursday in Dover, NH…. Real voters have concerns, and issues, – even [shudder] causes… and they’ll get in your face,…even when your ‘people’ have pre-screened the crowd.   […]