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Girl POWER!  She took on America’s richest man – in the midst of his difficult and expensive divorce,  – and somehow she expected him to go along with her bullshit? Perhaps when she becomes El Presidenté of the Socialist States of America she can ORDER Amazon to put their facilities where she wants them…?

NY City and Boston University must be SO PROUD!  Their young Climate Change Scientist is predicting the End of the WORLD! The SCARY part….?  As a Member of Congress this twit gets a Security Clearance and CLASSIFIED Briefings….

The clearest sign yet that Nancy Pelosi clings by a thread to her speakership,  – she has been forced to sit loudmouth freshman AOC on the important Financial Services Committee – thus robbing Maxine Waters of her long-awaited limelight. We can only hope that these events will ultimately destroy the Democrat Party for good!