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Here’s an IDEA:  Let’s go out to remote,  exclusive,  tony,  ultra-expensive Greenport,  and hold an anti-Trump pro-Immigrant rally,  – and pretend we don’t know about the victims of violent illegals – like MS-13! After all,  Greenport is a full 53 miles removed from Central Islip,  – where MS-13 has hacked at least 7 kids (discovered […]

As Democrats and their Media Propaganda Allies spend these next several days trying to convince Alabama voters that somehow Judge Roy Moore is unfit to serve in the US Senate,…a little reflection will help you understand the depths of their hypocrisy. Did you hear a SINGLE DEMOCRAT VOICE raised to tell Spencer Tunick he was […]

We’ve featured Tomi before on RRB.   She’s always spot on target! Must hurt the egos of those punks to be called out by such a pretty young lady…

An interesting perspective from an unusual witness – an off-duty Black Tucson police officer…. Trump’s talk and the ejected protester below the fold: