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Guns are not your enemies Kids;  in far too many cases your real enemies are standing in the front of your classrooms – feeding you a daily dose of left-wing propaganda – while deliberately failing to teach you the important lessons of History, Geography, and Economics. If you knew your World History and American History […]

I Must Be One Scary Old Ogre…

December 13th, 2015

The Gun-Grabbing MoonBats saw me and called the cops – four (4) of them answered the call…. As noted in the previous entry,  Acton’s treasonous gun-grabbers planned a march today from the Jewish synagogue Beth Elohim on Prospect Street – a whole mile to West Acton and back. I arrived early – drove up the […]

It was Woodstock plus 46 years….Acton’s mindless aging hippies gathered at the Isaac Davis Monument in the town center – to protest guns. I came upon the scene while enroute to the mall with my dear long-suffering wife.   She begged me to ignore them.   I couldn’t;  – their mindless treason was too much – considering […]