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Her Rose Garden question was either based on sheer ignorance,  – or in the evil depths of the Democrat Party’s 2020 desperation. At just age 27,  young Nuzzi has found herself in a series of liberal jobs – and not always with good results.

A once-rising star of the Subversive Party,  – then a candidate for Mayor of NYC,  – this twisted turd was married to a Muslim by Bill Clinton…. Anybody want to bet he’ll “commit suicide” before Nov 6th?

How Much Lower Anthony Weiner?

September 14th, 2017

NYC sure can pick ’em!   First Weiner,  then Mayor de Blasio. Yesterday – Wednesday – Weiner & wife Huma were in divorce court.  He also faces sentencing for texting a 15-year old girl.   The former Congressman – married by Bill Clinton,  – is looking at serious jail time.  He’ll need to be in the […]

Questioned by Senator Ted Cruz – Comey cannot give a straight answer about why Huma Abedin hasn’t been charged…. From his answer, you tell us:   Is he saying she was too stupid to know her actions were criminally careless,  – or is he still scared to go after his personal benefactors – the Clintons?

No matter who wins on Tuesday, – Americans will surely be sickened by things that the NYPD and the FBI end up revealing over these coming weeks and months. For Weiner, Abedin, and the Clintons – even a Presidential Pardon from Obama may not save them from Felony Charges in NY City. There are three […]

Note carefully you REAL Republicans,  – you Conservatives,  and you Libertarians,   – during this final week of the campaign,…which ‘so-called Republicans’ are speaking out against Empress Hillary,  – and which ones are huddled at home sitting on their hands. Our very way of life – in a free democratic Republic,  – is under threat from the […]

If lives and national security hadn’t been placed in jeopardy,  this would all be just a dirty locker room joke. But Hillary’s judgment is now proven to be deeply flawed!  By keeping Huma Abedin on her staff – a woman with a twisted sex pervert husband,  – she risked people’s lives,  and our most intimate […]

National security requires that two things happen immediately: ONE:   Huma Abedin be denied access to ALL Classified Briefings, …and TWO: Hillary DROP HER from her Campaign Team! If Hillary fails to dump this Muslim Brotherhood insider,  – it is a clear signal that Hillary herself cannot be trusted with National Secrets!   The so-called ‘Smartest Woman in […]

Huma Abedin – daughter of the Muslim Brotherhood – married to a Jewish sex pervert, – and inseparable aide to Hillary Clinton takes voter trolling to a new depth…. Remember Folks – the Clintons do NOTHING that isn’t planned and in some cases – rehearsed. Brace yourselves:

Huma Abedin – getting ‘paid’ by the Clinton Campaign – $69,263.oo PER Quarter! I guess Hillary’s Arab donors want to insure she stays on message?