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In his quest for the Nobel Prize he will destroy our economy!   This is the guy who sent Cheryl Mills an email to tell Hillary “We love her!” Fauci doesn’t consider himself as an AMERICAN,  – he is a true Globalist,  – and he seems to have decided decades ago that the Chinese model suits […]

The tension and hatreds behind the scenes are almost Shakespearean, as Doctors Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci compete for control of our Nation – and the World. Fauci and Birx have seemingly stellar records as doctors dealing with infectious diseases.  But is there more to their story?

The Road to Hell is Paved with “Good Intentions”! Americans need to look at the HARD FACTS,  – and move beyond the hysteria, – while we still have the ability to pump life back into our economy.  This virus cannot destroy our economy,  – only our own foolishness can do that – with a little […]