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The lives of millions depend of two of the most corrupt and evil men in American History.  The picture is grim.  Without a miracle cure – arriving quickly,  things here could go to hell very quickly.  This is the scenario China and the Democraps were hoping for two years ago.   In the most simple terms […]

Fauci is the highest paid government official (- $434,312 in 2020),  and he has basked in his moments in the world spotlight – – except when he gets questioned by another doctor. How quickly the esteemed Doctor dons the mantle of victimhood!

Has Doctor Fauci achieved the power of holding a MEDICAL VETO over all normal activities in our country?   WHO gave him that power? 

The more we learn about “Doctor” Fauci,  – the more he seems like Josef Mengele reincarnate.  The ‘experiments” were carried out in Tunisia – why? And we Americans are supposed to follow HIS guidance on masks,  gatherings,  and mandatory vaccinations…?   REMEMBER:  He LIED about paying the Chinese for Gain-of-Function work on Bat Coronavirus!   Still trust […]

Backed into a corner with the evidence,  Faucl calls Senator / Doctor Rand Paul a LIAR! After denying it in sworn testimony for over a year,  – leaked emails have PROVEN that Fauci was FUNDING gain-of-function research at China’s Wuhan Germ Warfare Lab.

For over a year Fauci’s story and ‘medical advice’ changed almost weekly – sometimes overnight.   WHY? We citizens must start asking some serious questions of Doctor Fauci.   His cover stories are falling apart faster than a Bill Clinton cover story.    How many more deadly germs did Fauci pay the Chinese to engineer into even […]

Senator Rand Paul (a medical doctor) takes on Doctor Fauci, but CNN finds another doctor to instill FEAR into their audience…   You see people out jogging alone on country roads – wearing masks,  – and people alone in their cars – seemingly afraid they’ll catch COVID from their steering wheels.  (Yes – there are […]

As Fauci gets mega-rich from his Moderna stock,  – he’ll have the ear of the dementia-riddled pResident he’s been waiting to wire-guide. And when Kamala decides to invoke Amendment 25 § 4,   – the Doctor’s sworn declaration will be ever-so-credible….   Anybody believe Biden is thinking “…just 100 days”?

The man thinks he’s the Coronavirus President,  – and he wants a Nobel Prize when this is over,  – with Biden in the White House. “One of the potential dangers if you prematurely let a vaccine out,  is that it would make it difficult, if not impossible, for the other vaccines to enroll people in […]

At first CNN didn’t know who Fauci was,  and they were bemoaning the lack of FACES OF COLOR at Trump’s first Coronavirus meeting.  Then when they could see a way to steal the 2020 Election, “Doctor Lockdown” became their darling…. Suddenly in just the space of a week Fauci has changed his tune.  Did a […]