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In my continuing effort to get Tsilent Tsongas out of Congress,  today begins the turn-in of the signatures we’ve been collecting for these past two months. The 3rd Congressional District spans three (3) counties and thirty-seven (37) cities and towns across northern Massachusetts.

Either minds are already made up – or voter interest is at an all-time low. Only 50 folks showed up for this debate. Tsongas looked ruffled, stuck to her standard talking points, and seemed unprepared to really discuss issues. And that was knowing she’d only be getting softballs from the press panel.

A classy lady joined our standout in Hudson Sunday afternoon! We didn’t see a single Tsilent Tsongas Tsticker all afternoon!

Yes, folks, you read and saw it here first. Niki Tsongas, continuing to leverage her husband’s name for her own self-aggrandizement, came over to Ann Wofford at yesterday’s parade to shake her hand. While we aren’t privy to what was actually said, the word on the street is that she congratulated Ann for what looks […]

For the first time in 6½ years – Tsilent Tsongas is facing a REAL challenger – an accomplished young professional woman – who actually earned a living – and who knows the issues. Listen and learn why voters in the Mass 3rd CD no longer have to settle for Photo-Op Tsongas – a Pelosi Sock Puppet! Click on the […]

Two (2) Plaintiffs, Two (2) Cases, Two (2) Federal Judges; – now the roaches will scurry! Call it a ‘Judicial Conspiracy”, – or “A Posse of Judges”,  – but the roundup of lying IRS DemocRATS has begun.

A REAL Republican challenges Tsilent Niki Tsongas in the Massachusetts 3rd Congressional District. Folks, I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to report this news! This lady is smart – and she READS EVERYTHING!  A novice to politics, – she pulled papers and collected half the required signatures – herself!  [In some lousy weather […]