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Democrats and RiNOs ~ thought ~ they’d just issued Trump a defeat… He showed them!  He turned the event into another Trump Rally,  – and with a phalanx of Sheriffs and Angel Moms standing with him,  – made again the case for the Emergency Declaration,  – for the Wall,  – and he VETOED the resolution. […]

Angel Mom Confronts CNN Asshole

February 15th, 2019

Jim Acosta rose to question Trump this morning in the Rose Garden – and to accuse him of using fake numbers to ‘create a crisis’. The Angel Moms in attendance were not amused. video below the fold:

The world has been waiting for specifics,  – some in the media doubted he would stay committed,…this should answer the doubters. Trump delivers a 10-point plan to build the wall,  and deport the criminals beginning on January 20th….. Full video below the fold: