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He runs America’s 2nd RICHEST state,  – with the 3rd BIGGEST population.   He was Bill Clinton’s HUD Secretary, – then NY State Attorney General,  – and has been Governor since January 1st 2011.   Yet his state was woefully unprepared for the Chinese Coronavirus? Since early March he’s been squawking like a baby bird: “Feed me […]

It must be tough being the dumb son and brother of New York Governors…. Chris “Fredo” Cuomo broke quarantine on Easter Sunday – with his family,  and went from his Southampton home to see his new East Hampton home.  He’ been telling his viewers that he was still suffering from Coronavirus as he broadcast from […]

With just 113 days until the start of the Democrat National Convention in Milwaukee (if it can be held), – lots of people were expecting Hillary to parachute in as “the responsible alternative” to the two crazy old coots… But now many are whispering a different name,  – NY Governor Andrew Cuomo,  – based on […]

We could all wish this was a sordid tale of fictional evil, – the stuff of horror movies.  But it’s not, – it is the tale of a demonic democrat – Governor Cuomo of NY State,  – who ordered monuments lit PINK to ‘celebrate’ their new law which allows babies to be aborted – KILLED […]

America’s most corrupt left-wing governor pardons illegal immigrant felons (to halt their deportation)  –  and declares ‘America was never that great…’. Really Andrew?  Then why did all your Italian ancestors get on the boat?  Hypocrite?

The New York State Democrats held a 2-day convention,  – to decide who should be on their September Primary Ballot. Somehow Governor Cuomo needed endorsements from the Career Crook and the Village Idiot to secure a 95+% vote,  – thus guaranteeing he would be uncontested come September.

Andy is a LibTurd with a national following,  – he hates guns, and he loves illegals.  He’s a BIG MAN with Government Programs,  – so he needs lots of TAX $$ to fund his programs. Now Trump and the GOP is fixing to rub SALT in his wounds,  – making State and Local Taxes no […]

Kahr Says: Bye-bye New York!

August 8th, 2013

Kahr Says makes a nice line of pistols – designed for concealed carry, including a line for women. Now they’re departing their home in Blauvelt, NY – for Pennsylvania’s Pike County, where they just bought 620 acres – enough for their new HQ – [AND any manufacturing they need to move] – specifically because of […]