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Two unattended ‘heart attacks’,  – a random late-nite street mugging,  – and a ‘suicide’? All these men had either pissed off the Left,  – or actually exposed and endangered their evil plans.

America’s First Crack pResident appears in Boston today at the dedication of the Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick Swimmer Institute.  He will present the “Swimming Against The Tide” award – posthumously – Thank God! It is only fitting that the man with so much blood on his hands honors the swimmer who couldn’t remember Mary Jo’s last […]

His CPAC-2012 speech – promising a video completely vetting the fraud in the White House – got him killed. The ‘Media’ remained complicitly silent.   Now we must ALL be Breitbart!  Listen to him again…

OK, who wants to handle this autopsy? March 1st – Andrew Breitbard dies of a ‘heart attack’ just hours before he is due to release a damning video proving Obama hung around knowingly with Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers at Columbia. April 20th -Breitbart’s coroner – Michael Cormier – age 61 – dies of arsenic […]

I’m sure that many of us thought strange things when Andrew Breitbart died the day that Sheriff Arpaio was going to release evidence that O’s birth cert was forged. At the time Breitbart said he had revealing videos of Obama and ties to radical communists. Then his death was ruled “natural causes” by the LA […]

Andrew Breitbart leaves behind a wife and four young children. Say a prayer for all of them. It’s a sad thing to realize that he was in the midst of martialing his considerable resources to help out in the ouster of Barack Obama from the White House. Goodbye, Andrew. We will not let up in […]

Just weeks ago at CPAC he was promising EXPLOSIVE revelations against Obama during this election year. “Natural causes” – my donkey! America has just lost a loud clear voice for Truth, Reason, and Justice!  

One Man Armed With Courage

September 21st, 2010

Andrew Breitbart is no stranger to controversy or confrontation.  Watch as he faces down a crowd of paid union agitators – and with the help of a camera crew – makes them turn tail.