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There is a specific way Democrats run a city,  and Tommy just blew it!   Democrats have run things here since 1930,  after Curley defeated Nichols and took office that January – 86 long years ago. After working all those years,  – holding all those election signs,  – did Tommy somehow fail to learn the Democrat’s […]

Andrea Cabral Sings For Dollars

February 25th, 2015

After all the gunfire she’s ducked,  I guess she knows that Charlie Baker won’t make HER a judge, – like Deval did with MaryBeth Heffernan – her drunken predecessor. So she’s trying to collect that ‘hazardous duty’ pension extra, – before she goes to apply for DISABILITY – like Mirian McGovern did.

Will The FAT LADY Sing?

January 22nd, 2015

Looks like Charlie Baker is taking his new job seriously, – so unlike Duh-val Patrick. He has appointed 20-year career prosecutor [Middlesex and Worcester Counties] Daniel Bennett as his Executive Secretary of Public Safety. Will Andrea Cabral sing ‘MoonBat River’ as she waddles off Stage Left?

Our state Ark of Misfit Species is OVERLOADED! Deval collected every under-performing AA/EEO misfit in the Commonwealth, – just to prove People of Color could do the job – no matter how fat, under-qualified, or ethically challenged they were.

And Now…The Aftermath…

April 20th, 2013

Tamerlan dead,  lil’ brother Dzhokhar down, – now comes the politics, the replays, the trial, and the soul-searching…  Let’s examine some basic facts:

Why Liberals Can’t Govern

April 16th, 2013

They only want to see ‘the Good’, fail to fathom EVIL! Columbine – 9/11 – Virginia Tech – Tucson – Aurora – Newtown – Boston; – liberals failed us each time, – whether the madmen were insane students – or warped Islamist fanatics. None of these were ‘spur-of-the-moment’ rage killings.  They had all been planned […]

Two explosions not an accident.  Developing!  Many serious injuries… Three killed [so far] – 80+ injured – many lost legs… Bastards may have placed bombs INSIDE the buildings…  Additional bombs found… one/something went off at JFK Library… ‘Person of Interest’ Saudi Arabian being guarded in hospital – w/ severe burns. I wonder if Gov Patrick is re-thinking […]

Experience not required, just external credentials! This may be as hard to follow as it is to believe: