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Biden has no sense of when or how to keep his mouth shut. Joe will never get it:   his only function for 8 years was as a life insurance policy,  – to be so repulsive and obnoxious that no thinking sniper would pull the trigger. BESIDES,  Michelle didn’t want him upstairs fondling her…

She was Miss Indiana University in 1964, and has been writing a woman’s advice column for Elle since 1993.  With a new book due out,  – she suddenly recalls a sexual assault in a dressing room by Donald Trump – – 24 years ago??? AND BTW,  she’s made a similar claim about Les Moonves at […]

The sheer hypocrisy of the left-wing ‘media’ is stunning!   On one hand they were claiming in 2016 that Trump was ‘too bellicose’ to be our World Spokesman,  – today they’re sulking because he didn’t threaten Putin with Nuclear War! To understand the depths of the duplicity,  remember Folks that these ‘news outlets’ are really just […]

For 11 minutes CNN’s chief Hillary fan tries to bait Trump,  – Donald holds his own,  – proves he can think on his feet,  and doesn’t take the bait. When can we expect Cooper to grill Hillary? Yeah, right…

Obama’s self-serving carefully scripted invitation-only  “Town Hall on Gun Violence” at George Mason University came with an unscripted moment… Anderson Cooper dared to tell Obama that a lot of Americans do believe that he is part of a dark conspiracy to confiscate guns.   Obama was clearly rattled and angered;  – I gotta give Cooper [not […]

Anderson Cooper should NEVER have been selected or agreed to moderate.  He’s just proven himself to be without ethics. With just 6 hours to go, – can or will CNN even bother to find a non-partisan replacement? CNN: The Clinton News Network?  TY Matt Drudge!  We always knew there’d be shit in the game, – […]