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CNN suck-up Anderson Cooper hosted a “Town Hall” for Biden in Baltimore Thursday night;  – and asked him if police and firefighters who refuse the vaccine should be fired.   Biden quickly answered “YES!” This is the same China Joe Biden who claimed for decades to have a “special place in his heart for firefighters”,  – […]

Biden has no sense of when or how to keep his mouth shut. Joe will never get it:   his only function for 8 years was as a life insurance policy,  – to be so repulsive and obnoxious that no thinking sniper would pull the trigger. BESIDES,  Michelle didn’t want him upstairs fondling her…

She was Miss Indiana University in 1964, and has been writing a woman’s advice column for Elle since 1993.  With a new book due out,  – she suddenly recalls a sexual assault in a dressing room by Donald Trump – – 24 years ago??? AND BTW,  she’s made a similar claim about Les Moonves at […]

The sheer hypocrisy of the left-wing ‘media’ is stunning!   On one hand they were claiming in 2016 that Trump was ‘too bellicose’ to be our World Spokesman,  – today they’re sulking because he didn’t threaten Putin with Nuclear War! To understand the depths of the duplicity,  remember Folks that these ‘news outlets’ are really just […]

For 11 minutes CNN’s chief Hillary fan tries to bait Trump,  – Donald holds his own,  – proves he can think on his feet,  and doesn’t take the bait. When can we expect Cooper to grill Hillary? Yeah, right…

Obama’s self-serving carefully scripted invitation-only  “Town Hall on Gun Violence” at George Mason University came with an unscripted moment… Anderson Cooper dared to tell Obama that a lot of Americans do believe that he is part of a dark conspiracy to confiscate guns.   Obama was clearly rattled and angered;  – I gotta give Cooper [not […]

Anderson Cooper should NEVER have been selected or agreed to moderate.  He’s just proven himself to be without ethics. With just 6 hours to go, – can or will CNN even bother to find a non-partisan replacement? CNN: The Clinton News Network?  TY Matt Drudge!  We always knew there’d be shit in the game, – […]