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Other than Kamala Harris and Slow Joe himself,  – she may have been one of the most poorly prepared and badly informed Democrats to ever run….   South Carolina’s 3% finished her campaign. She’ll endorse Creepy Joe (will he hug her?) and go home to her uncle in the tree stand.

No sooner did Done-Nothing Amy pop up to 3rd Place in New Hampshire,  – and her past comes racing to the fore to haunt her. Folks, – they’re ALL hypocrites.  Every damned one of them.

Amy Klobuchar In The Deer Stand

February 21st, 2019

She held a Town Hall at Saint Anselm’s in New Hampshire – hosted (of course) by CNN.  Her answer to a question on school shootings took her to her Uncle Dick’s Minnesota deer stand…. I shit you NOT!    Video below the fold….