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Even Democrats who weren’t directly involved in the vote-switching, the mail-in ballot stuffing, or the 3 am ballot boxes are cringing in guilt.  They’re hoping that time is on their side,  – but it isn’t. Even If John Roberts finds some convoluted way to persuade a conservative Justice to ignore the massive evidence of coordinated […]

An Awkward Moment At The Court

October 27th, 2020

Don’t let their bombastic lies and distortions fool you! The ELEPHANTS in the ROOM are those ongoing campaign contributions (aka F-R-E-E MONEY) from Planned Parenthood.   Killing babies – mostly Black and Hispanic babies,  – has become their way of life.

At first listen – this highly inappropriate question to Judge Barrett from the junior Hawaiian Senator seems to reinforce Mazie’s well-deserved reputation for being a dim-witted loose cannon from another planet… WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON….is setting up the groundwork for Democrats to ask the SAME QUESTION of all future Republican nominees:  “We ask the SAME […]