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JFK picked known crook Lyndon Johnson to secure southern votes.   Carter picked Mondale for matching ideology;  Reagan picked GW to unite the GOP;  Bubba picked Gore to cover his own draft-dodging,  and Obama picked Biden as life insurance. Since Creepy Clown Timmy isn’t drawing crowds,  why’d Hillary pick him?

Sure,  it’s a Ted Cruz attack ad,  – but wake up Patriots,  – Rubio IS a sell-out amnesty RiNO! Now watch how many other RiNOs endorse him…

It seemed designed by CBS to cast ALL the Republicans in their worst light….doing a favor for Hillary Clinton. Kasich and Carson remained civil, but the personal attacks between Cruz and Rubio, and between Trump and Bush were horrible, – cringe worthy,  – solved nothing, – except to validate that the SC GOP had stacked […]

That God-Awful Sound of Silence,…when they’re just not buying your act…. 33-second video below the fold:

Hey,…just maybe…your $35 MILLION DOLLAR ad campaign is actually…pissing people off…?

Just follow the MONEY Folks, – to know what Jeb’s core political beliefs really are! Little Brother Jeb was just in the Hamptons,  a cozy gathering at Ken Lipper’s storied mansion,…and all the big-name DEMOCRATS were writing checks.  Who’s Lipper…?

Jeb got his words confused in New Hampshire this week – in a printed interview.  It sure sucks when that happens. God knows how tough it is pretending you’ll be tough on illegal immigration when you’re on record supporting amnesty, – have a Mexican wife, – lived in Mexico, – and have stated you believe […]

With TONS of big-donor cash behind him,  George’s little brother jumps into the 2016 presidential campaign.  His cash will be enough to drown many true conservative voices. Hillary Clinton,  George Soros,  and Bill Gates are absolutely thrilled!  Jeb is a believer in Amnesty for illegals – and in the Common Core poison for your kids.

Things sure get testy when voters back home believe you lied… And Steve Knight from California’s 25th District – north of Los Angeles, had a very unpleasant sidewalk meeting with people who believe he betrayed their trust. He got pushy – and threatening. Video below the fold:

Jeb, these young Conservatives at CPAC just told you how your run for the White House will end; – – with the election of Hillary Clinton! They’ve listened, and they’ve seen through you Jeb.  You’re a Progressive. You should re-register as a Democrat and challenge Hillary in the Democratic primaries.  You’d stand a chance there, […]