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Those Americans didn’t serve,  and fight,  and die so that future generations of uneducated and pussified Americans could vote to discard our sovereignty and be governed by a family of corrupt Delaware thieves, liars, and plagiarizers. Whether you see your vote as a privilege or a right,  – it comes with an equally heavy responsibility.   DON’T BLOW […]

1,326,612 Dead Americans

November 5th, 2012

…and another 1,531,036 wounded didn’t serve, suffer, and die so we could live in a socialist dictatorship! From Lexington Green to the Hindu Kush – Americans have stood up to tyrants, dictators, fascists, socialists, and communists, – and lately to Islamic fascists. 1,326,612 have been killed, another 1,531,036 wounded.  Over 38,000 are missing – and are […]