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Pathetic.  Embarrassing.  Watch as Biden gets up and dodders off like a patient in a nursing home,  – before Jill rescues him. Watch the video twice or three times.   Note that the Europeans are laughing at Biden,  – they have no respect for him.  They know he is a dementia patient being hand-led by Jill […]

AMAZING!  We all thought our National Village Idiot had long-since forgotten studying our Constitution back in Law School…  Suddenly he’s had a flashback? The issue is how quickly this wannabe changes his positions,  – first shooting from the hip,  then a month later acting far more restrained.  Contrasting videos:

How long has he been slipping into deep dementia before our eyes?  Should he be tested?  Who wants to trust him with our nuclear codes?  Read Amendment XXV, § 4.

Last Monday, May 4th,  Joe was holding a LULAC virtual town hall.   Even reading prepared notes he was unable to hold a cogent thought.  At this point Joe couldn’t pass a driving test…  And yet Trump-hating Democrats are absolutely certain he’d make a better President than Trump? Why won’t the MEDIA report on this?   Because […]

Well, she was multi-tasking,  – climbing steps and carrying her umbrella… Her Secret Service code name is now “Stumbles”.   Yesterday she needed assistance to climb one (1) step.   WHAT is WRONG inside her head?  33-second video below the fold: