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In hockey, it gives the innocent team a chance to score.  But in politics – it just let the guilty team get re-elected! Suddenly we’re to be excited by a few ‘brave whistle-blowers‘ – who waited until NOW to come forward?  Where the HELL were they back in September and October – when they might have […]

Steve Lynch just demonstrated why he is unworthy to hold any office of responsibility – certainly not be a congressman – absolutely not a US Senator! With the terrorist bombing of Boston just 20 days ago – he went on Fox and gave a pavlovian regurgitation of the Obama-Clinton-Rice talking points on Benghazi – then […]

Dragged through streets by ‘peaceful Muslims’ – who video the event. This is how they ‘thank’ us for liberating them from Gaddafi! Nice going Obama and Hillary Clinton!  It’s time to make an example – level the city! See the movie that has these people upset: