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Gang Bloodshed In Allentown

June 21st, 2019

Details still fuzzy, but at closing time – 2 AM Thursday, as the patrons were stepping out onto the sidewalk,  three gunpersons showed up at the Deja Vu on Hamilton Street to settle a grudge.  Not fuzzy at all: 10 wounded and taken to the hospital.   NOBODY TALKING to the cops! “GunPERSONS”?  It seems one […]

It seems the FBI had been looking into “Pay-to-Play” in Allentown, PA for awhile,  – and they ~ may ~ have discovered a dirty Democrat – and convinced him to wear a wire… …it’s called using a squirming little fish to catch a much bigger one.

Just like the song, they’re closing all the factories down.  (Full disclosure:  Allentown, PA is my actual hometown.) rr (Oh, and thanks to long-time reader, and lifelong friend, Flick for alerting me to this story.) An article in today’s Allentown “Morning Call” tells the story of a company that PresO visited during his administration. A […]