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America’s FIRST Black First Lady takes Tuskegee Graduates back to the 1960s with a speech laden with bitterness, victimization, and racial division. I really wanted to ignore the thing, – not give her any added publicity or a bigger megaphone;…but her hate-filled words addressed to the Black graduates with the full deliberation of teleprompter technology […]

Is Radical Islam Satanic?

February 8th, 2015

“Zo” aka Alfonzo Rachel has some heavy words on Islam,  – America’s naïve ‘political correctness’,  – the religious deniers [atheists],…and the ultimate goals of Islam. Some of this will be new stuff for many of you.   ‘Bout time you heard it! If you really don’t understand Sharia Law – please understand that you’ve been […]

This is too good not to post.  h/t Bob Parks @ B&R Do the right thing – share this with a Democrat!  Dare you!    /s/  Iron Mike    Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!