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There MUST be, – otherwise why would Al Sharpton – America’s Premier Race Pimp – be returning for a 4-day weekend? Always the Best Dressed Man at any event, you just have to wonder where all his money comes from… How many American companies are still paying him an annual “Peacekeeping Fee”?

Obama Lies To Black Audience

April 12th, 2014

Still churning 1960s race issues to deflect attention from his failures, – and of course blaming Republicans. The segment on voting and his birth certificate – between 9:00 and 10:20  – reveals how stupid he thinks this audience is.  Given that they’re all at an Al Sharpton event – he may have correctly assessed them.  […]

Sharpton’s Chicago Wake-Up Call

December 22nd, 2013

Al Sharpton’s race-baiting plan falls victim to Citizen Anger.  He came to hold a rally to talk about ‘gun violence’.   He got a rude surprise!  Obama and his buddy Mayor Rahm Emanuel haven’t delivered the ‘promised land’,  and citizens are starting to see through the smoke-screen. Listen as Black citizens – who’ve voted like Democratic […]

Union toll in the Civil War: Battle deaths 110,070,  Disease deaths 249,458,  Wounded 275,175 I’ve walked the battlefield at Gettysburg in July – climbed the Little Round Top, crossed the Wheat Field into Winslow’s guns…heard the screams, smelled the blood… And yesterday collecting signatures for a young Republican candidate in Worcester I had a young black […]

Most of you won’t remember the headline screaming case of 15-year old Tawana – whose false accusations of rape [‘by six white men’] thrust Poverty Pimp Al Sharpton onto the national stage. Watching parts of the George Zimmerman murder trial – I was struck by the similarities.  Al Sharpton and race-baiting are the common denominators.

MSNBC’s new prime-time poverty pimp blows a gasket when a caller to his radio show calls him out for not telling the whole truth.  I’m sure this is exactly what Comcast/NBC had in mind when they hired the Reverend for their prime-time TV slot.

Proof Arizona Law Is Valid

April 28th, 2010

There are many reasons why Arizona’s tough new anti-illegal immigrant law is valid.  Here are the three most compelling: 

TO:  Sergeant James M. Crowley         Cambridge Police Department Well Done Sergeant!  Up to this point you have handled every detail and every after-action of the Gates Incident with pure professionalism.  You’ve proven yourself the shining example of what every citizen in every town wants our own cops to be like, – cool under pressure, responsive, […]